Atlantica 120, which enables coffee, cocoa, and malt roasting processes to be realized on an industrial scale, roasts 120kg of product homogeneously in one go with its roasting type with a direct fire system. Thermocouples, positioned at the right points, facilitate the control of process variables by ensuring that temperature data are received properly.

The 120kg roasting machine with manual and fully automatic versions enables the user to perform consistent and safe operations with its afterburner, destoner, loader equipment.

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Product Code:  GKPX120
Batch Capacity:  120 kg
Roasting Duration:  18 – 20 min
Output Hourly:  400 kg/h
Roasting Type:  Direct Fire
Roasting System:   Premix Burners
Cooling Duration:  2-3 min
Connection:/td>  MODBUS
PID Sensors:  BT, ET, IT, BL
Required place :  35 m² // 4m height
Ø Exhaust Outlet:  20 cm
Ø Cold Air Outlet:  20  cm
Voltage:  380v 3Phases 50 – 60 hz
Drives:  6 units
Electrical Consumption :  11,35 kW
Gas Consumption(LPG) :  4,17 m³/h
Gas Consumption(NG) :  10,42 m³/h
Roasting Power:  100 kW
Burner Control :   PID Burner Performance Controller
Customization:  Black
PLC – Touch Screen Panel :  Available
GRS Roasting Profile System :  Available
Full Automation :  Available
Equipment(Mandatory) :  Loader
Equipment(Suggested) :  Afterburner, Destoner
Installation :  Mandatory

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