As we all know, titan Atlas, cursed with carrying the canopy at his shoulders, is defined as the greatest of his time if we check out his story on the mythology pages. The piece Odysseia of the Homer mentions him with those lines;

“It is an island covered with forest,
in the very middle of the sea,
and a goddess lives there,
daughter of the magician Atlas,
who looks after the bottom of the ocean,
and carries the great columns that keep heaven and earth asunder.” (Odysseia I, 53-55)

All the responsibility was carried out on his shoulders. For this reason, at the time when all the borders of the world’s oceans are clearly identified, the ocean that bundles up the whole world was named Atlantica which means “the ocean of Atlas“.
By keeping in mind the lines mentioned above, we request you to imagine this;

Think of all the burden that occurred during the roasting process is taken off your shoulders and your ship can reach all the ports you want to stop by at the broad sea of the coffee world. Imagine all the risk, instability, sustainable production, stability concern of the roasting process, variable customer demands, and any other ideas that come to your mind and shaped by these challenges, all the feelings that make your heartbeat, are handled easily. Well, these thoughts are not a dream anymore, contrarily, they are real. All the factors are taken into account by our engineers so that we can turn your valuable desires into reality and the Atlantica series is designed to share out your responsibilities.
Atlantica series, just like the ocean it bears the name provides opportunities for exciting experiments that lead to voyages into wide oceans. These opportunities serve you a great comfort by taking all the responsibility like titan Atlas. So how does it?
Atlantica is a compass that gives a chance for continuous production during intense work pressure. By the technology possessed, reduces the risks owned by the roasting process and accompanies you as a fellow traveler by clearing you off from any stress. The unique flavor of coffee is revealed by premix boilers which ensures the pre-mixing of air and gas so that the mixture is reached at fans, plus by its transmission to boiler surface in order to procure homogenous heat distribution. A stable roasting process is acquired by automatic panel adjustment so that roasting to be done at the desired temperature. The problems may arise during the roasting process such as the burning of the surface or body of the coffee, excessive energy loss is prevented by the right material utilization and high technology. Barrel, regulators that can adjust airflow rates, pressure indicators, thermocouples positioned at locations where safe information can be provided, engine and water safety systems readily offer you the data so you can form “collective information”. In addition, you are presented with both options of either processing the data by open-source software or GRS Profile Roasting system that has full automation.
The core of the word “Atlas” has the meaning for “Geography maps gathered together in order to provide collective information”, hence represents the Atlantica series clearly. Let the Atlantica series take all the burden of the roasting process off your shoulders as long as you desire. We are sailing in the coffee ocean together by the composition of all the possibilities that can be owned during the roasting process. How about you?



Atlantica 20 Atlantica 30 Atlantica 60 Atlantica 90
BATCH CAPACITY 20 kg 30 kg 60 kg 90 kg
ROASTING DURATION 15 min 18 min 18 min 18 min
OUTPUT HOURLY 80 kg 120 kg 240 kg 300 kg
ROASTING TYPE Direct Fire Direct Fire Direct Fire Direct Fire
ROASTING ENERGY 28 kW 48 kW 70 kW 90 kW
NG : 3 m³/h
LPG : 2 m³/h
NG : 5,22 m³/h
LPG : 3,2 m³/h
NG : 8,3 m³/h
LPG : 3,75 m³/h
NG : 9,37 m³/h
Atlantica 120 Atlantica 180 Atlantica 240 Atlantica 360
BATCH CAPACITY 120 kg 180 kg 240 kg 360 kg
ROASTING DURATION 20 min 20 min 22 min 22 min
OUTPUT HOURLY 360 kg/h 540 kg/h 650 kg/h 1080 kg/h
ROASTING TYPE Direct Fire Direct Fire Direct Fire Direct Fire
ROASTING ENERGY 100 kW 160 kW 200 kW 300 kW
NG : 10,42 m³/h
LPG : 6,67 m³/h
NG : 16,67 m³/h
LPG : 8,34 m³/h
NG : 20,84 m³/h
LPG : 12,51 m³/h
NG : 31,26 m³/h
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Drum capacity ranging from 30 kg to 360 kg Atlantica series with products, double layer drum design, high-performance premix direct-fire roasting system with burners presents to the user. Each industrial roasters of this series are the same reliable and consistent production that allows you to have the system.


  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling processes

  • Fast cooling (2-3 mins) with cooling fan and mixer

  • Motor and burner safety systems integration

  • Easy thermal control over bean temperature control and exhaust, flame temperature displays

  • Available for automation and GRS Garanti Roasting Profile System, PLC-based control, and recipe management

  • Available for equipment integration (loader – mandatory -, destoner, afterburner, industrial silos)

  • Ensuring drum discharge in case of electrical power failure and emergency conditions.

  • Homogeneous heating flame through the drum and uniformly distributed surface heat with High quality and performance premix burners

  • Air flow regulator, drum speed controller, gas pressure gauge and temperature controller

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