Why do our business partners prefer malt and cocoa roasters of Garanti ?

  • Experienced engineers on project designs for your facility planning.

  • Consistent control over all equipment.

  • Long machine lifetime with temperature resistant material

  • Simultaneous roasting and high-performance cooling systems

  • A high-technological automation service is applicable.

  • Installation service is available worldwide.

  • Professional after-sales service team. Always online for feedbacks, complaints and questions.

Product Groups Shop Sizes , Industrial Usage
Batch Capacity (kg) Range 5 kg – 480 kg per batch
Roasting Duration 25 – 35 minutes per batch
Roasting Types Direct Fire | Hot Air
Heating Fuel LPG / LNG / NG / Diesel
Voltage 220 V Single Phases | 380V 3Phases
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Control Panel Electrical Control Panel | PLC based Touch Panel
  • Control (for standard versions)
    • Electrical Control Panel
      • Manual Operations
        • Drum button
        • Cooling Fan button
        • Cooling Mixer button
        • Light button
        • Adjustable Digital Temperature Control (Bean Temperature)
        • Adjustable Digital Temperature Display (Exhaust Temperature)
        • Adjustable Digital Performance Control (Burner Performance / Flame Control)
        • Drum Speed Control
        • Upper Fan Speed Control/ Air Flow Control
    • Gas Control System
      • Heating System
        • Homogeneous heating flame through the drum and uniformly distributed surface heat
        • The safety for fireback
        • The flame is easily arranged according to requested heat which guides the low fuel consumption whilst processing the balanced roast.
  • External Chaff Collector
  • Roasting Monitoring (Manual)
    • sampling spoon
    • sight glass
  • Drum Window
  • Cooling
    • Cooling fan , Mixer , Cover

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