Making chocolate is like making good music; It requires attachment with the passionate dance of heart and soul.
Only if done right, that music becomes a classic.
Cocoa roasting machines are the maestro of this symphony. The aroma of cocoa beans revealed without damage extraction and preparation for the next process in a good way are only possible with the combination of best features in production.
In recent years, artisan chocolate production increasing the importance of the roasting process that causes chemical changes, and its popularity has increased, it brought the responsibility for taking control of process variables.

Garanti Roaster becomes a classic in the process of food processing machines. Cocoa Roasters are designed to reduce the moisture level of fermented and dried cocoa beans with specially designed premix burners. The relevant features are to let the development process begin early. Easy to obtain the desired moisture, aroma and taste levels without much energy loss.
The direct fire roasting machines of the Pacifica Series are recommended for boutique chocolate producers. Atlantica Series are suggested for industrial roasting machines are recommended for mass production industrial chocolate producers or cocoa enterprises.



TARGET PRODUCT Cocoa Beans Cocoa Beans
USER PROFILE Artisan Chocolatiers
«Bean to Bar» Chocolate Makers
Industrial Chocolate Makers
Mass Production
BATCH CAPACITY 2 – 5 – 12 kg 30 – 60 – 90 – 120 – 180 – 240 – 360 kg
ROASTING DURATION 20 min 20 – 30 min
AUTOMATED SYSTEM Available Highly Suggested




Pacifica and Atlantica series have the same specifications to ensure the perfect cocoa roasting. High efficient production is so easy with double layer drum design, direct fire roasting system with premium performance burners, and heat isolated body. Reliability and consistency are going to become the core values of your freshly roasted beans.

  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling processes
  • Fast cooling (2-3 mins) with cooling fan and mixer
  • Motor and burner safety systems integration
  • Easy thermal control over bean temperature control and exhaust, flame temperature displays
  • Available for automation and GRS Garanti Roasting Profile System, PLC-based control, and recipe management
  • Available for equipment integration (loader – mandatory -, destoner, afterburner, industrial silos)
  • Available for computer connection with USB – Phidget inputs (Artisan and Cropster)

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