By its Boreas, it touched the coffee of Yemen, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Ruanda. In every cup, it showed itself at the flavor of coffees from Sumatra, Java and India. It carried the wealthy flavors of continents to coffee of Papua New Guinea and Oceania. We felt its presence in every bean that has been collected.

Portuguese Vasco da Gama initiated a new era at the end of the 15th century by his discovery of the Indian Ocean, which is the third-largest ocean in the world and touches the borders of four grand continents; Africa, Oceania, Asia, and Antarctica. Nothing was far away from each other anymore. He introduced innovation and diversity, adding to what was familiar.
Inspired by the impact of this ocean, Garanti Roasters designed the Indiana series for the ones who have huge dreams in the coffee world. These high-performance roasting machines have a capacity of 30 kg to 480 kg with hot air transfer system are recommended to all the plants having industrial production since 1951. To reveal the unique flavor of your coffee is made possible more than ever before. Do you know how?
By taking into account the variables and risks included by the coffee world, energy-saving, intrinsically safe engines, and boilers that can ensure homogenous heat distribution by sufficient roasting energy are integrated. In these roasting series, isolation efficiency is increased to 30% for the preservation and the right transmission of extracted heat. Temperature data acquisition devices located on the right spots, integration of flame and gas adjustment mechanisms are planned for the purpose of performing a safe and controlled roasting process. Supplementary equipment is designed on behalf of the loading of green coffee, resolution of coffee from impurities, and its storage; in addition, to reduce the emission occurs during the roasting process. Full-automation property is set for customers who desire to carry the roasting process one step further.
Explorer Gama’s discovery broke new paths into a new world. Now it is your turn for bringing innovations to the wealthy coffee world with Indiana


BATCH CAPACITY 20 kg 30 kg 60 kg 90 kg
ROASTING DURATION 20 min 20 min 20 min 20 min
OUTPUT HOURLY 60 kg/h 90 kg/h 180 kg/h 270 kg/h
ROASTING TYPE Hot Air System Hot Air System Hot Air System Hot Air System
ROASTING ENERGY 40 kW 60 kW 100 kW 150 kW
NG : 4,16 m³/h
LPG : 2,5 m³/h
NG : 6,25 m³/h
LPG : 4,17 m³/h
NG : 10,42 m³/h
LPG : 6,25 m³/h
NG : 15,63 m³/h
BATCH CAPACITY 120 kg 180 kg 240 kg 360 kg
ROASTING DURATION 20 min 20 min 22 min 22 min
OUTPUT HOURLY 360 kg/h 540 kg/h 650 kg/h 980 kg/h
ROASTING TYPE Hot Air System Hot Air System Hot Air System Hot Air System
ROASTING ENERGY 180 kW 240 kW 360 kW 540 kW
NG : 18,7 m³/h
LPG : 10 m³/h
NG : 25 m³/h
LPG : 15 m³/h
NG : 37 m³/h
LPG : 22 m³/h
NG : 56 m³/h
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Drum capacity ranging from 30 kg to 360 kg Indiana series with products, high-performance hot air roasting system with premix burners presents to the user.  Each industrial roasters of this series are the same reliable and consistent production features that allow you to have the effiecient system.


  • Hot air roasting system with energy-efficient premix burners
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling processes
  • Fast cooling (3-4 mins) with cooling fan and mixer
  • Easy thermal control over bean temperature control and exhaust, flame temperature displays
  • Available for automation and GRS Garanti Roasting Profile System, PLC-based control, and recipe management
  • Available for equipment integration (loader – mandatory -, destoner, afterburner, industrial silos)
  • Ensuring drum discharge in case of an electrical power failure and emergency conditions.
  • USB – Phidget girişleri ile bilgisayar bağlantısının sağlanması

  • Fully-fledged design in order for homogeneous airflow distribution roaster inside
  • Air flow regulator, drum speed controller, gas pressure gauge and temperature controller and more…

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