GARANTI industrial steel disc grinders are specially designed for the toughest industrial applications that require both strength and repeatable results. They are industrial mills that are used to bring various spices such as roasted coffee, cumin, black pepper to minimum fineness, and are designed to carry out the most difficult grinding processes. Users can meet their high-scale dry food grinding needs with grinders of GC series.

Industrial grinders are designed for use in medium-large enterprises, in areas with industrial electrical infrastructure. The fineness adjustment mechanism positioned on the front offers the possibility of grinding from the thickness of Turkish coffee to the thickness of filter coffee. It is often integrated as an essential part of mass production lines that carry out the coffee roasting and packaging processes. These industrial mills, which offer quality and dust-free production, can produce at the same fineness for a long time. Its steel blades are specially designed, and food processing can be done safely. It has 6 types of products in three different capacities as GC15, GC20 and GC30, with bench and trolley.

With its quality in after-sales service, Garanti Roaster quickly provides spare parts to the operator in case of need for the healthy use of the products within their economic life. It is aimed to maximize the benefit of the buyer in the product by providing detailed information about maintenance, repair, spare parts, warranty coverage activities.



GC15 GC20 GC30
DISC DIAMETER 15 mm 20 mm 30 mm
MOTOR POWER 3 hp 5 hp 15 hp
TURKISH COFFEE cap. 25 kg/h 70 kg/h 100 kg/h
ESPRESSO cap 60 kg/h 150 kg/h 200 kg/h
FİLTER COFFEE cap. 70 kg/h 165 kg/h 250 kg/h


          Grinding– Adjustable grinding ability at desired thickness
          Disc– Specially designed, durable steel blades
          Design– Moveable box and drawer versions for industrial purposes
          Food safety– Chrome surface application suitable for food safety
          Production– High performance and fast production capacity
          Maintenance– Easy maintenance and use with fast spare parts supply
          System– Integration of loading and unloading operations with equipment

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