I have to confess.

I have a huge fondness for coffee. I cannot resist its taste and scent whether
I am at home, at work or a travel. It wouldn’t be wrong to call coffee
“my best friends” since it is always with me while I am putting my memories down on paper, whenever I feel happy or sad,
whether I am alone or with a company.
This is an affinity from my childhood.
Maybe we can call it a passion. However you name it doesn’t really matter.
The truth is, thinking about coffee is enough for me to feel the scent of it.
Enough with romance, let’s talk about business.

I am taking off my coffee agenda. Today, Jamaica Blue Mountain is on my roasting list.

I have been waiting this high prestigious coffee that can be produced at limited amounts. My wish is to achieve its low acidic state in which it reveals its complete flavor. For this reason my plan is to roast it at light phase. I know it isn’t simple; on the other hand it’s not difficult at all with my roasting machine. Now, it is roasting time, I will continue with my notes later.

Junior coffee roasting machines are designed to please the ones who can never say no to coffee.

No matter which geography your coffee comes from, whatever treasure it holds, Junior is a companion that will ensure you to discover it.
Due to both its size and ease of use, Junior is preferred by entrepreneurs and small coffee businesses. At single-use, the machine can roast 2-kilogram green coffee, yet for dark roasting, it can reach up to 8 kilogram coffee per hour and for light roasting, it can provide 10 kilograms of roasted coffee per hour, easily. While the electrical version has a licensed ceramic resistance system, the gas version has high-performance burners with automatic ignition and adjustment system.

Both versions have the qualifications to satisfy the demands of businesses. Do you want to know how?

First, let’s talk about the gas version. High qualified coffee must be roasted diligently, not a single bean should be ignored. Junior coffee roasters roast your high qualified coffee at a homogenous structure with its direct flame roasting system by its high-performance burner. The risk of burning on the coffee bean surface is reduced by a double-layer drum system. Automatic ignition system, flame adjustment, drum temperature adjustment, and exhausting temperature indicators provide you the healthy controlling system you require during the coffee roasting process.

On the other hand, the electrical version has a special form just like each green coffee it intends to roast. Ceramic resistance performs as a heator to heat the air, then, the drum ensures that coffee is roasted homogenously by heated air. This process is tracked by the same PID indicators. For both versions, computer integration can be installed easily.Your duty is just to think of which coffee of the world you desire to roast.

All the rest is Junior’s business. Our promise is Guarantee.


VERSIONS Electrical Gas
ROASTING DURATION (per batch) 10-15 min 12-15 min
OUTPUT HOURLY 8-12 kg /h 8-10 kg /h
ROASTING TYPE Hot Air System Direct Fire
ROASTING SYSTEM Ceramic Resistance Gas Burner
LPG : 0,3 m3/h
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  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling processes

  • Fast cooling (2-3 mins) with cooling fan and mixer

  • Motor and burner safety system

  • Easy to use and install

  • Easy handling and maintenance

  • Digital PID bean temperature control and exhaust temperature display

  • Available for computer connection with USB - Phidget inputs

  • Ensuring the easy change of location of the product with the wheel system

  • Air flow control

  • (Version – Electrical) Utility registered model Ceramic Resistance System

  • (Version - Gas) Flame and gas pressure control

For more information, please send an email info@garantiroaster.com to contact technical services.