Now imagine yourself in a wide, deep ocean. You would like to minimize all the risks you may face and proceed safely through any situation. Despite your compass pointing out the right direction, you would like to make sure your way is open. Isn’t it the case with the coffee world?

In 1520, when Macellan, the explorer, first set sail and found himself in the peaceful water of this ocean, he decided to name it “Pacific” after the feeling of this peace. Getting inspired by this peaceful ocean, we called our coffee roaster machines “Pacifica”, which are used all over the world and designed in such a way that our customers will get more and more convenient as they use the machine. We would like you to be sure of one thing primarily; you will find much more than you need in those roaster machines that reveal the entire value of coffee.

We pretty much understand and value your objectives and desires about your business by our experiences throughout three generations in this sector, besides we know where you want to position your business. This is the motivation for our sustainable services based on product and efficiency. To mention briefly, Pacifica 2, Pacifica 5 ve Pacifica 12, models of this series are there to provide the requirement for store-type coffee roaster machines of qualified coffee houses. Though their variable drum capacities, the standard high performance-based and efficient products of the Pacifica series are created by the long-term delicate efforts of our engineers providing stable and qualified results.

Here, Pacifica presents the worldwide supplier of the whole possible requirements from a coffee roaster machine, everything you would ask for in a coffee roaster. Coffee roaster machines of this family are defined as traditional drummed roaster machines. They own boilers that provide the essential BTU level with high performance and efficiency. These boilers also offer customers ease of usage by their automatic ignition system and boiler performance settings. The Pacifica series was formed by supervision of your values regarding comfort and satisfaction by providing a system, in which you can adjust the degree of roasting as the way you require, as well as in which you can set this level to a fixed value, and the boiler gas pressure can also be adjusted automatically.
How do we know the degree of satisfaction of users? Surely, from our precious customers who are pleased with the usage of the Pacifica. Their accomplishments for providing the responsibility of coffee roasting for so many years with enthusiasm and professionalism inspire us to supply more qualified, more functional, and efficient roasters for you.

Using Pacifica is like sailing in a serene sea; calm, easy, and trouble-free. Everything is under your control panel. The double-walled drum and the regulator that you can use to control the drum velocity, temperature values are taken from significant measurement points of the machine, top fan control device, pressure indicators, and compatibility with a computer system which ensures well tracking of the process will secure you to deal with the process of coffee roasting in a professional way.

Electrical versions are another pride for our company. Secured by a patent, our ceramic-resistant ovens provide a homogenous roasting process as in gas versions. Moreover, without any gas connection! All you need is a safe chimney and electrical connections in the field. Isn’t that awesome?

We can hear you asking “Everything is fine, but what about the prices?” Please forward this question to our authorized employee by using the redirection button below. You will make sure that the price/performance ratio is perfectly supplied. You are not alone in this grand coffee sea. We will hoist sails together with Pacifica.


With its roasting feature of up to 60kg per hour, it has never been more enjoyable to present your unique coffees to coffee lovers.

Small size, big work! Great things with its 2kg drum capacity, is a great option for beginners!

Due to its ease of use and performance, our most preferred product roasts up to 25 kg of green coffee per hour homogeneously.

Pacifica 12 premix gas heated roaster is perfect fit your roastery with a production capacity 45 kg per hour. Experience precise control for maximum efficiency.

Due to its ease of use and performance, our most preferred product roasts up to 25 kg of green coffee per hour homogeneously.

2kg batch roaster is a great option who steps into the coffee business!


Pacifica 2 Pacifica 5 Pacifica 12
BATCH CAPACITY 0.5 – 2 kg 2.5 – 5 kg 6 – 12 kg
ROASTING DURATION 12 – 15 min 12 – 15 min 15 min
OUTPUT HOURLY 8 kg 20 kg 48 kg
ROASTING TYPE Direct Fire Direct Fire Direct Fire
ELECTRICAL CONSUMPTION 0.58 kW/h 0.98 kW/h 2 kW/h
LPG : 0,3 m³/h
NG : 1,15 m³/h
LPG : 0,66 m³/h
NG : 2,92 m³/h
LPG : 1,17 m³/h
Pacifica 2 Pacifica 5
BATCH CAPACITY 0.5 – 2 kg 2.5 – 5 kg
ROASTING DURATION 12 – 15 min 12 – 15 min
OUTPUT HOURLY 8 kg/h 20 kg/h
ROASTING TYPE Hot Air System Hot Air System
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  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling processes

  • Fast cooling (2-3 mins) with cooling fan and mixer

  • Motor and burner safety system for gas versions

  • Digital PID bean temperature control and exhaust temperature display

  • Available for computer connection with USB – Phidget inputs (Artisan and Cropster)

  • Ensuring the easy change of location of the product with the wheel system

  • Available for automation and equipment (destoner, afterburner) use

  • (Version – Gas) Air flow regulator, drum speed controller, gas pressure gauge and temperature controller

  • (Version – Electrical) Utility model registered ceramic resistant system

  • (Version – Electrical) Air flow regulator, drum speed controller, temperature controller

For more information, please send an email to contact technical services.