Project Description

garanti roaster GC10 Steel Disc Grinder is the most selected coffee grinder by coffeeshops and roasters in 2018.


  • Most selected shop size coffee grinder

  • 10 grinding level

  • Wide grinding range from turkish finest to filter coffee

  • Top performance for efficient production

  • Easy to install

  • User Friendly

Product Code GC10
Target Product Coffee, Pepper, Cummin, Feed, granular products
Hour Capacity Arabica (8 kg), Turkish Coffee (10 kg) , Espresso (20 kg) , Filter Kahve (25 kg),
Motor Power 1.5hp 1400 rpm
Standard Voltage  220 V*230 V Monophase
Frequency 50-60Hz
Certification ISO9001 – ISO22000 – CE
Standard Colour  Red, Black
Usage Table Top
Customization Copper, Brass body (for hopper)

RAL Colour option