Project Description


Save your place for the favorite coffee grinder: GC8

This is the smallest burr grinder with strong production made from Garanti Roaster for long term use in coffee shops and cafes Outstanding look combines with quality for especially espresso and filter coffee.
In terms of manufacturing, steel discs are applied for clean cut and it handles high daily workloads with low noise.

Ground Product Coffee, Pepper, Cumin, Granular goods 
Hour Capacity Turkish Coffee (3.5 kg) , Espresso (7 kg) , Filtre Coffee (8 kg),

Pepper (6kg)

Motor Power 0,75 Hp 
Voltage 220 V*230 V MonoFaz 50-60Hz
Frequency 50-60Hz
Standard Colour Red, Black
Version Table Top
Customization Brass, Copper surface (for scale)
RAL Colour options