Project Description

Coffee Grinder with Natural Stone Disc

Perfect.Very Fine.Turkish Base : GD30

The design of Garanti Roaster natural stone grinder is to extract the flavour locked inside the roasted coffee beans to enchace the taste of cup of coffee. GD30 is the best choice for medium size coffee wholesellers, medium size roastries which very fine ground coffee is needed. Unlike burr and blade grinders, stone disc grinders are for long term usage. 


Why is Garanti Natural Stone Stone Disc Grinder preffered?

The perfect grind is not easy when the topic is about Turkish coffee, which is extremely fine ground unlike the filter coffees traditionally consumed in the West. The natural stones of Garanti Roaster grinding machines are deftly processed to enable user to obtain the finest coffee.

Product Code GD30
Product Versions GD30 – Box

GD30 – Cabinet

Hour Capacity Turkish Coffee – 35kg
Motor Power 3 Hp – Triphase

4 Hp – Monophase

Voltage 220*230*240 V SinglePhase

380V*415V 3Phase

Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Material Natural Stone Disc : 30 cm – diameter-
Certification CE , ISO9001 , ISO22000

In case of different voltage necessity, please contact with Garanti Roaster®