Project Description


Do you want to roast a bag per hour? 12 kg coffee roaster of Garanti is the best selection for you!

The roasting process is secondary phase of coffee value chain after growing the green beans. Therefore, the  importance of Pacifica 12 kg Coffee Roaster is arising because of its valuable features.



Pacifica 12 kg Coffee Roaster is the best choice

  • When you want to produce quality coffee

  • When you want see that quality appreciated

  • When you want to run a profitable business


Garanti Roaster invites you to discover the experience of roasting unique and exceptional origins of coffee.


Why should you prefer shop size Pacifica 12 kg Coffee Roaster?

  • High performance and 24h continuous roasting 

  • Two versions available : Direct Fire – Hot Air System

  • 60 kg coffee roasting per hour capacity (medium roast)

  • European burners and motors

  • Simultenous roasting and cooling

  • Available for Full Automation

Product Code GKPX12
Batch Capacity (kg)  10 – 12 kg
Hour Capacity (kg/h)   40 – 50 kg
Roasting Duration (min)   12 – 15 dk
Heating System Premix Heating System (Direct Fire)

Italian Burner System (Direct Fire)

Fuel Type LPG/NG/LNG/Dizel
Voltage 230 * 380 V
Power Consumption 2.0 kW / 16,24 Amper
Frekans 50 / 60 Hz
Motor Units 4 units
  1. Gas Control System
  2. Heat Control System
  3. Flame Control System
  4. Air Control System
Material 304 quality stainless steel & chrome body
Certificates ISO9001 – ISO22000 – CE

In case of different voltage requirement, please contact with Garanti Roaster ®

  • Electrical Control Panel
    • Drum button
    • Cooling Fan button
    • Cooling Mixer button
    • Light button
    • Gas Control button
    • PID Temperature Control (Bean Temp)
    • PID Temperature Display (Exhaust Temp)
    • PID Burner Performance Control (Burner Level)
    • Auto – Manual Burner Usage (Automatic Ignition System)
    • Drum Speed Controller
    • Artisan and Cropster Usage Ready
  • Air Flow Control
  • External Chaff Collector
  • Sampler
    • sampling spoon and sight glass
  • Drum Window
  • Cooling
    • Cooling fan
    • Mixer
    • Cover
  • Manual, maintenance guide

*Double layer wall drum is adjusted for direct fire system.

**For full automatic system, please contact with Garanti Roaster.

Data Gathering and Analysis


The software integration is provided.

         garanti roaster customization


RAL options

  ral colour ile ilgili görsel sonucu


Chrome, Copper, Brass

  copper brass ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Profile System



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