Project Description

Continuous. FullyFledged. Industrial – GKPX60 and GKPX90 Roasters

The coffee roasting solutions becomes efficient and profitable with Garanti industrial roasters. 

The main reason to represent two machines together are the large amount of similarities. The both machines have user friendly control panels, double wall drum, high quality components and high performance premium burners. In terms of roasting process, operator actualizes with direct fire system that complete process in 15 minutes.  

Garanti Roaster always deliver its every items with consistent high quality. GKPX60 (60 kg batch roaster) and GKPX90 (90 kg batch roaster) provides the same homogeneous outcome in different capacities.

Easy to plan a roast batch in industrial roaster!

As all masters know that a roaster must make many decisions before charging a batch of coffee. The reason is to have an efficient plan for industrial roasting facility, and this process to be is named as profiling. GKPX60 and GKPX90 has three main controls as followings which affects the bean characteristics. Operator obtains precise control on air flow, drum speed, drum heat and flame regulations for manual and/or profile roasting. 



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What are the specifications of Premium Industrial Roaster series?

  • High Performance. Simultaneous roasting and cooling with powerful motors : drum, cooling system, air control and chimney.

  • Efficient. Continuous production with an easy control via trowel, PID thermal controls and sight glass.

  • Safe. Fire-back safety in burner modulation, emergency control for electrical components

  • Technological. Semi and Full automation are available for easy use and recipe management.

  • Customization. Great solutions in terms of burners, equipment and services.

  • Preferred. High Quality & Competitive prices & After Sales Services

Product Code GKPX60 GKPX90
Batch Capacity (kg) 60 kg / batch 90 kg / batch
Hour Capacity (kg/s) 180 270
Roasting Duration (min) 18 – 20
Heating System Direct Fire
Fuel Type LPG / LNG / NG
Voltage 380 x 415 V 
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Motor  5 units 6 units
Control  Air Flow / Upper Fan Control

Gas Control

Flame Control

Motor Speed Controls

Gas Safety Systems

Emergency Systems

Usage Area (m2)* 25 m2 30 m2
Gas Connection (inch) 1/2 inch
  • GA-L green coffee loader is included.
  • For detail technical information please contact via
  • Control
    • Electrical Control Panel (Standard Version)
      • Drum button
      • Cooling Fan button
      • Cooling Mixer button
      • Light button
      • Adjustable Digital Temperature Control
        • Bean Temperature
        • Exhaust Temperature
      • Emergency Safety Button
    • Flame Control
    • Gas Control System
      • Premium Heating System
        • Homogeneous heating flame through the drum and uniformly distrubuted surface heat
        • The safety for fireback
        • The flame is easily arranged according to requested heat which guides the low fuel consumption whilst processing the balanced roast.
    • Air Flow Control
  • External Chaff Collector
  • Roasting Monitoring (Manual)
    • sampling spoon
    • sight glass
  • Drum Window
  • Light
  •  Cooling
    • Cooling fan
    • Mixer
    • Cover
Double Drum is applied.

For full automatic system, please contact with Garanti Roaster.