Project Description

Industrial X Coffee Roaster – Hot Air System

Garanti Roaster offers the roasting group, which is diversified according to the demand of coffee business. Since the coffee consumption gets highly increased, coffee can be counted as one of the most important commodity traded worldwide. Therefore the quality and efficiency in industrial size roasting are the essential values for the facility. Alternative studies for the your industry’s statements, based on long term considerations, can be also discussed in order to satisfy your demand.

When you get Industrial X Coffee Roaster of Garanti, you will obtain following specifications and choices:


  • Long machine lifetime with temperature resistant material

  • Competitive prices for your profit.

  • Simultaneous roasting and high performance cooling systems. (watering system is applicable)

  • European burners adopted into high isolated material

  • High technological automation service is applicable.

  • Installation service is available worldwide.

  • Professional after sales service team. Always online for your complaints and questions


coffee beans roaster machine


coffee beans roaster machine


coffee beans roaster machine
Product Code  GKX120 GKX180 GKX240
Batch Capacity (kg)  100 – 120 155 – 180 210 – 240
Hour Capacity (kg/h)  480 540 720
Roasting Duration (min)  20 – 25 (medium roast)
Heating Type  Thermal Transfer/Hot Air (Brulor System)
Heating Fuel  LPG / LNG / NG / Diesel
Voltage (V) 380 x 415
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Control System Bean Temperature

Gas Systems

Flame Management

Air Flow Control

Safety Control

Motor Speeds Control

Motor (units)  6 6 6
Energy Consumption (kW/sa)  11,6 11,6  11,6 
Gas Connection (inch)  1/2 – 1 1/2 – 1 1/2 – 1 
Full Automation PLC based automation is available.
Certification CE – ISO-9001:2008 – ISO-22000