GD Series (Shop Size)
Natural Stone Disc Coffee Grinders

Speaking of Turkish coffee, we sense the smell of roasted coffee reaching our noses, an intense taste spreading on our tongue, and coffee grounds that left in our throat. Then, it is the desire to refresh ourselves with a glass of water. Turkish coffee is with us in these lands for over 500 years when we start the day, at our happy moments as well as our depressed times.
Coffee is not just a passion, it is also a responsibility. The consistent presentation of the flavor and the grinding thickness to the customer are just a few important ingredients in the roasting process. To extract the coffee into powder and to experience its flavor with traditional cooking methods, the GD series is designed by the natural Phocaea (Foça) stones which are extracted from the Phocaea Mountains fed by the waters of the Aegean Sea.

The GD series which contains the first products produced by Garanti Roasters, given the name by coffee grinders made of natural Phocaea stone, has met with coffee lovers in every province of Turkey for decades.
The greatest masters of this business have been working within our organization for many years and processing each natural stone with a huge effort. Five different capacity mills are produced and information on shop type of coffee mills is presented for you on our related page. Those coffee mills have been supplied by Garanti Roasters for three generations, for coffee shops, coffee merchants, and businesses which has retail coffee sales.

When you use our machines reflecting the expertise of years, you will successfully take your place in the coffee world, which will have high performance and quality production for many years.

Our word is guaranteed.


GD 20 GD 25 GD 30
DISC DIAMETER 200 mm 250 mm 300 mm
TURKISH COFFEE CAP. 20 kg/h 25 kg/h 30 kg/h
DIMENSIONS (L*D*H) 60*42*157 cm 80 * 48 * 160 cm 90*48*170 cm
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For more information about GD20, GD25 ve GD30 natural stone disc grinders, please send an email to contact technical services.